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Medically prophylactic paste parodontosis is not a sentence
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The New in the Treatment of Parodontosis (for dental practitioners)

Periodontal disease became an acute problem for the population of the whole world. It is important to stress that not only elderly people suffer from this disease, as it used to be in the past, but it also strikes the young, in other words, parodontosis became younger.

There exist various theories of the development of periodontium pathology. Among them are the vascular theory suggested by A.I. Evdokimov and the neurogenic theory put forward by E.E. Platonov. Other regulatory body systems, i. d. endocrine und immune, are of a great importance in understanding the etiology of the damage of tissues surrounding teeth. Psychic condition is no less important as strain and stress often serve as a trigger mechanism for the development of periodontitis. Diseases of the supportive and retaining apparatus of teeth can be also considered from the point of view of homotoxicology.

Yet, no matter from what point of view periodontium disorders are being considered, it all boils down to the fact that in periodontitis and parodontosi of various degrees dental trophics is disturbed to a greater or lesser extent. And if (or as) it is practically impossible to restore to the full “the nutrition” of the teeth for a long period of time, it is necessary to remove the pulp of teeth. Thus we can bring to nought their needs, their “appetite”.

In an experimental way during 18 years we have created our own technique of tooth preservation in case of periodontium diseases.

Before the beginning of the treatment we extract only those mobile teeth which are retained practically by means of soft tissues, i. d. in case of almost full resorption of the bone tissue of the alveolar process. If at least one fourth of the dental root is surrounded by the bone tissue, the tooth will be reinforced and restored. This result can be achieved by means of a special canal filling paste which can glue, bond dental cementum with surrounding bone. This paste works actively and permanently, it gives an anti-inflammatory effect, has curative and preventive action, it does not stain teeth. This paste was patented; it has no analogues in the world.

The patient is followed up during a year. Possible seasonal exacerbations can be eliminated by means of antibacterial therapy. Sometimes medicamentous therapy is indicated as a preventive measure.

We are dental practitioners and try to solve the problem in complex.

Next stage is rational prosthetic treatment. We’d like to point out that in case a two-stage prosthetic tooth preparation is necessary. After our treatment it is possible to have bone plastics, splinting prostheses, transplantation.

Good-bye, dear friends, followers and all like-minded people. Till we meet again!

(Shilov, Olshaneckaya)

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