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Medically prophylactic paste parodontosis is not a sentence
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In 1987 Yuri Shilov graduated from the Moscow State Medical Stomatological University.

During university studies he was improving his professional skills working in the Institute of Experimental Medicine (RAMS) and Institute of Experimental Endocrinology (RAMS).

After university graduation he worked in different clinics of Moscow as a dentist in the spheres of orthopedics, surgery, therapy. During these years he obtained practical knowledge and skills and in 1991 he was offered to join the academic group of Rybakov A.I.

From 1962 to 1985 A.I. Rybakov was the chairman of board of administration of National scientific society of dentists, the chairman of problem commission by Academy of Medical Science (AMN USSR). The commission dealt with the main dental diseases, their prevention and treatment. A.I. Rybakov was the main dentist of fourth central administration of the public health ministry of USSR; he was the honorary member scientific societies of Finland and GDR and the honorary member of scientific society of dentists in Bulgaria. He is the author of 190 scientific works, 8 monographies, the author and co-author of preventive dentistry guidance. He was a scientific adviser of 29 doctoral and 52 candidate’s dissertations. A.I. Rybakov was awarded to orders and medals of USSR.

In April 1991 Yuri Shilov started working as a dentist in a group of immunological dentistry research in the laboratory of microbiology by the Academy of Medical Science. The head of the group was A.I. Rybakov, the academician and famous scientist in the dentistry sphere, the Doctor of Medicine and the author of many research works and the director of Central Research Dentistry Institute. The group performed investigations and made some discoveries that give an opportunity to diagnose the source of pathology of oral cavity, nasopharynx and salivary glands at the early stage and to reveal the pathogenesis of parodentium diseases.

After the death of A.I. Rybakov in 1993 the research group finished its work. Yuri Shilov had experience and during 1993-1995 he was the chief of dental rooms MPO NII “Polimerstroimaterialy”.

Later Yuri Shilov continued his research in the sphere of parodentium diseases. His rich experience and analytical thinking allowed him to make investigations in the sphere of materials that eliminate the main problem – tooth mobility. This problem makes impossible dental prosthetics and leads to teeth extraction. In December 1995 Yuri Shilov became the head doctor of dental clinic LLC “PSM-Med”, where he had been working till 1998. Later he became the head doctor of LLC “MedAvtotrans-Yunis”. All this time he improved his practice in observation, investigation and treatment of parodontosis at different stages. It was noted that, in conditions of ecological worsening and increase in stress situations, especially in large megapolises parodontosis strikes even very young people.

Parodontosis becomes younger quickly. The first signs of parodontosis can be found at the age of 18-20 years old. Is it really necessary to extract teeth? Is there any method to remove tooth mobility, save teeth and perform dental prosthetics? Those were key questions in the new research of Yuri Shilov. Applying his rich experience of practical treatment and scientific research, during that period Doctor Shilov performed investigation, modification and practical application of parodontosis treatment at different stages. Based on the investigations and obligations, a special paste was developed. This paste removed tooth mobility and didn’t cause any side effects. In 2003 the investigations were registered and Doctor Shilov patented his invention – medically prophylactic paste of Doctor Shilov.

Firstly, “the Paste of Doctor Shilov” was tested in 2001 on the patients that suffered from parodontosis. Yuri Shilov used his treatment method of tooth mobility and recovery of teeth, which consisted of the number of measures. The effect exceeded all expectations, tooth mobility was fully removed, and instead of extraction teeth could be treated by prosthesis. That helped to avoid interim treatment stages, such as removal of supragingival and subgingival depositions and scrappy operations.

At the moment Yuri Shilov continues his dental practice, performing treatment of parodontosis in accordance with his own patented method. The results of work have no analogues in the world practice: teeth, filled with the help of “the Paste of Doctor Shilov”, keep immobility during ten years observation of patients.

Due to complaints of patients who had parodontosis and were treated by traditional method, that temporary effect lasts 2-3 years, then teeth must be extracted. As a result patient will overcome new sufferings, and the effect is only temporary. The application of “the Paste of Doctor Shilov” in combination with the recovery method of Doctor Shilov had a striking effect: since the moment of first application in 2001 patients’ teeth have been keeping immobility.

So the application of “the Paste of Doctor Shilov” in combination with the recovery method of Doctor Shilov allow patients to save teeth, make qualified prosthesis and remove all parodontosis consequences. The method is effective. Illustrations are attached.

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