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Generalized periodontitis of II-III stage

The patient was born in 1951.

Complaints: cosmetic defect, mobility of teeth.

Visual Examination Findings
Oral mucosa is of a pale pink colour, moderately moist. There is hyperemia of the gingival edge in the area of 2627.
There are pathologic dentogingival pockets in the area of 3536.

1311 – the crowns are destroyed 1311
27 – the root
264535 covered with crowns 263545
42413132 - 1st degree mobility
All dental necks are exposed. In 42413132 the roots are exposed to ½ of their length.

Description of Orthopanthogramme:

The height of interalveolar dental walls 4131 is reduced by 2/3 of their root length, 4232 by ½ of their root length, 4333 by 1/3 of their root length.

Final compact plates of tops of interalveolar dental walls cannot be visualized. There are bone pockets in the 4544433536 area.

D-S Generalized periodontitis of II-III stage.

After the treatment which included tooth depulpation with the application of prophylactic paste for canal filling (there is author’s certificate), and local medicamental treatment, the dental mobility was eliminated. There is stabilization of the destructive process in the bone tissue.

The final treatment stage is fabrication of splinting metallo-ceramic prostheses for the maxilla and mandible as well as of a removable attachment for the right-hand upper maxillary area.

This case shows a progressive chronic course of periodontitis before the treatment and restoration of dentomaxillary system functioning as well as stabilization of the destructive process after the special treatment.

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