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Medically prophylactic paste parodontosis is not a sentence
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The patient was born in 1947.
D-S parodontosis of a medium heaviness.

1. Mucous membrane of the gums is of pale-rose colour, without the sign of hypermis of the edge of gum. The necks of the teeth are exposed on 1/3 lengths of the teeth. There are parodontal pockets,there is also little mobility of teeth in the frontal area and fan-shaped divergence of thees teeth.

2. The process is stabilized after the traced complex of the therapeutic treatment (the teeth channels were sealed with the patented paste). The mobility is eliminated.

2а. On x-ray picture is defined sclerotic realignment of bone fabrics of the jaw, absences of interdental septa, even atrophy of bone fabrics, absence of cortical plates of the apex of septa.

3. Temporary corona.

4. Metal-ceramic splinting prosthetic device was made (the patient is being kept under observation).

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