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Medically prophylactic paste parodontosis is not a sentence
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Parodontosis patent

Parodontosis - a systematic defeat of parodentium in the manner of progressing atrophy of bone fabrics, alveolar sprouts.

Many theories about arising of parodontosis and the methods of its treatment exist, but all these methods do not give the desired effect in practice.

For achieving the purposes (removal of mobilities of teeth) and avoiding intermediate stages of the treatment such as: removing of teeth postponings on and under the gumses, patchwork operations, special paste was developed.

In clearly determined proportions its components enable to do the treatment of parodontosis lighter and simpler.

The Paste has been tasted for a long period of time (18 years), complaints from patient are absent, mobility of teeth is completely eliminated, allergic reactions are not revealed.

Attention ! The Invention is patented, copyrights are protected.

For getting more information, acquisition of the patent and further production of the paste the interested persons may address this e-mail: DrShilov@drshilov.com

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